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In today’s article we are going to talk about travel stoves. They are small and portable utensils that come in handy for cooking if we go camping or to a campsite. In general, the type of stove will depend on the fuel you use.

It is true that there are electric stoves, but they are not very convenient when traveling. Therefore, in this article we will talk about travel stoves, dividing them into three different types.

Gas stoves

single butane and propane choice

This type includes, on the one hand, conventional stoves with one or more burners, which are used to go camping or camping with the car or van. In these cases weight or space is not a problem.

The best known are the campingaz stoves, which consist of a 220 g bottle of isobutane that usually lasts for an hour and a half at its highest power. With these stoves, it usually takes about six minutes for a liter of water to reach boiling temperature.

On the other hand, there are gas stoves in which the burner is screwed or under pressure to the nozzle of a small bottle. In this case, we will cook over the fuel bottle, which will affect stability. There is also a type in which a hose separates the burner from the cylinder. This type weighs less and takes up less space.

The gas for these stoves is sold compressed and is usually a mixture of propane, butane and isopropane gas. The proportions of each component vary depending on the manufacturer.

They are the best choice if:

The trip is short
We travel by vehicle and we can carry the cylinders without problem


Great heat capacity
They are intuitive, simple to use and clean.

Multi-fuel stoves


They work with a great multitude of fuels
They are a better investment than the previous ones
Greater heat capacity and speed to cook
They have good stability by not leaning on a cylinder


Worst cleaning

Alcohol stoves

Alcohol stoves are a suitable option for both short and long trips.


The alcohol with which they work is the most economical fuel
They are made of brass, so the weight is very small and they take up very little space.

They are clean for use and transport.